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Green Automotive Company OTCQB: GACR   
Green Automotive Company, (www.thegreenautomotivecompany.com), headquartered in Riverside, CA, is a vertically-integrated specialty vehicle design, engineering, manufacturing and sales company focusing on low and zero emission technology solutions primarily for the emerging regular-route back-to-base electric vehicle (EV) markets throughout the US and Europe.

Social Reality, Inc. SCRI (OTC BB)   
Social Reality, Inc. (SCRI), (http://www.socialreality.com) originating in 2009 and led by CEO / Chairman Christopher Miglino is an Internet advertising and platform technology company that provides technology tools to automate digital advertising with a focus on the Real Time Bidding Market and Social Media. The firm provides tools enabling publishers and advertisers to maximize digital advertising initiatives. SCRI’s programs generate quantifiable engagement for clients, thereby driving revenue and increased brand recognition. The company also develops custom Facebook applications to help grow customer’s social media presence and drive engagement for their brands. SCRI’s campaigns utilize social media networks reaching more than 500 million monthly active users.

Fortune Oil and Gas Private   
Fortune Oil and Gas (www.petrofortune.com) is an independent oil and natural gas company engaged in the exploration, development and production of domestic reserves in the Midwest and Gulf Coast states. The company’s present operations are in various counties within Texas and New Mexico, with new development preparation in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.
Fortune owns a substantial amount of monthly oil production, oil and gas leases, leases with Proven Undeveloped (PUD) locations and/or offset drill sites, oil leases with vast reserves. The company’s significant acreage positions allow us to realize a cost reduction in drilling and production. To achieve optimal performance in operations, the company uses the latest infield technologies and analytics, which afford it the ability to launch drilling activities, increase production efficiencies, mitigate the risk of dryholes and downtime in delivering commodities to market. Enhanced by serving as the operator on 100% of its proved reserves, the company’s operational control allows it to better manage production, control expenses, allocate capital and timely acquire and develop domestic oil and gas prospects that have a solid geo-foundation and risk/reward ratio. The company is also the operator of choice for other landowners and leaseholders for oil and gas exploration and development activities.

UXA Resources Limited ASX: UXA   
UXA Resources Limited, (www.uxa.com.au), founded in 2005 and headquartered in Kent Town, Australia, is a diversified explorer with a pipeline of highly prospective tenements throughout Australia, targeting the discovery of base metals (copper, gold, lead-zinc-silver), coal and uranium deposits. The company was established to explore for, locate and develop commercial grade uranium and any associated base or precious metal mineralisation. The company has to date focused on exploring on its significant ground holdings in two of Australia’s world class uranium provinces in South Australia and Northern Territory and has recently expanded with new uranium projects in Western Australia and a lead zinc project in New South Wales. The company is also the 100% owner of GAA Wireline, a cash generating borehole logging business, operating in Australia and the U.S., which provides UXA with another revenue stream channeled towards exploration.

Chestnut Petroleum, Inc., (www.chestnutpetro.com), founded in 1994 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is an independent oil and gas company focused on drilling, recompletion and reentry, and general operations on proven producing properties in southern United States. Together with Chestnut Energy Partners, Inc., the exclusive FINRA registered broker-dealer for Chestnut Petroleum, as well as Chestnut Exploration, Inc., which acts as a project managing partner, the company offers individuals an opportunity to invest in the oil and natural gas industry through a number of direct participation programs. Expert in-house engineering, geology and project management capabilities of a team led by CEO & Founder Mark A. Plummer, a licensed operator with the State of Texas with nearly three decades of oil and natural gas production engineering and exploration experience, enable the company to identify, acquire and develop only the very best opportunities available in its key areas of operation, resulting in a lower risk opportunity for monthly cash flow, capital appreciation and tax benefits for investors. Targeting quantifiable reserves with long projected field life, well sites preferably directly offsetting known producers, low operating costs and realistic chances of increasing production based on current technology and advanced recovery methods, Chestnut Petroleum has successfully completed numerous income property acquisition projects and drilling, rework and reengineering programs over the last 17 years. The company’s current asset portfolio encompasses approximately 250 wells in some of the nation’s most prolific fields, including the Barnett Shale natural gas reservoir in Central North Texas and oil-rich Calcasieu Parish in Louisiana, as well as other locations in California and New Mexico.
Chestnut Petroleum is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, was recognized as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies by INC.500|5000 magazine and was recently featured in the October issue of The Forbes 400 magazine. Chestnut Energy Partners, the exclusive broker-dealer for Chestnut Petroleum, has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award in the Security brokers and dealers category by the Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA).

CT Group, (www.ctgroup.com), founded in 2010 and headquartered in Irvine, California, is a full service rare coin and bullion investment firm providing institutional and individual investors the opportunity to invest in a tangible asset portfolio. Widely considered the ultimate form of financial insurance, tangible assets have historically provided protection against periodic setbacks suffered by stocks, bonds and the dollar, offered substantial potential for growth of capital and delivered a wide range of diversifying benefits to investment portfolios. The company’s portfolio packages are tailored specifically to clients’ particular investment goals and comprised of a selection of rare U.S. coins, semi-numismatic coins and bullion. The company’s clients benefit from over one hundred years of collective industry experience of the management team led by the company’s founder, Todd Griffith. Mr. Griffiths is a third-generation numismatist and one of the leading experts in the U.S., who has traded over 80 of the 100 greatest U.S. coins and has managed over $1 billion in rare coin transactions.
Dedicated to protecting the interest of its investors, the company acts as a dealer with direct access to the trading floor at the major procurement sites and auctions, eliminating the need to rely on third party agents for portfolio fulfillment. The company also addresses the concerns of investors by focusing on business ethics and gaining clients’ trust through education, transparency and accountability. The company’s clients have complete real-time access to their account information through a proprietary customer relationship software system. Among its educational efforts, the company publishes Tangible Times, a monthly intelligence report on the macroeconomic and geopolitical factors influencing the broad investment markets in general and the tangible asset markets in particular, offers over 60 hours of online lectures and multi-media content with detailed information on all aspects of numismatic investments through its interactive e-learning center, University of Rare Coins, and broadcasts The Todd Griffiths Show, a weekly blog talk radio program with expert interviews, guest speakers and live calls from the audience.

CUI Global, Inc. OTC: CUGI   
CUI Global, Inc., (www.cuiglobal.com), founded in 1998 and is based in Tualatin, Oregon, is an electronics platform company focused on the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative electronic technologies/products to add to its product portfolio currently comprising more than 20,000 separate stock keeping units. The company operates in three market segments, including: (1) Power Supply Units (PSU), which consists of industrial power supplies (both internal and external), branded under our V-Infinity product line, and our patented, proprietary technologies, Novum™ Advanced Power and Solus™ Power Topology. For its part, Novum incorporates our leading-edge digital power modules, providing programmable power chips to leading network and telecommunication companies. Solus enhances that capability by providing a significantly more efficient power supply source, currently in the form of a one quarter brick, but scalable to serve numerous customer needs; (2) Test & Measurement, which is the oldest part of our business and, along with providing probes and other test devices, incorporates our unique Inferential Gas Metering Technology and the GasPT2 device, which we have branded under the name Vergence™; and (3) Electronic Components, which includes our more than 20,000 SKU’s and our proprietary motion control devices. The company’s distribution is geared towards the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market to which CUI supplies higher levels of support, customer service and a constantly expanding product line.

GenAudio, Inc. Private   
GenAudio, Inc., (www.genaudioinc.com), founded in 2003 and headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, is a software development company focused on revolutionizing the perception of audio and general listening experience by providing soundenhancement technology solutions for multiple industries. Combined with a minimum of any two-channel (stereo) sound output device, the company’s sound localization cue technology, AstoundSound®, creates a multi-dimensional audio experience that immerses the listener in the center of a 360-degree spherical soundscape providing realistic sound experience that addresses azimuth, elevation, distance and movement over time.
The company’s strategy is based on software and hardware product integration for consumers and audio production professionals through licensing and/or distribution partnerships. The company recently formed a relationship with Monster Cable Products, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions for high-performance audio and video accessories, yielding its first consumer electronics product — a new line of Monster® headphones. The company is aggressively pursuing numerous other business opportunities for integration of AstoundSound® into a variety of consumer electronics, including computers, TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles and portable gaming equipment, MP3 players, smart phones, headphones and numerous other devices. As an example, it is in integration level discussions with Epic Games, whose Unreal Game Engine is one of the most popular on the market. Targeting the professional market of audio engineers, producers and mixers, the company offers professional-grade AstoundSurround software, which allows to integrate GenAudio's technology within a multi-channel mix and encompasses its most advanced digital signal processing capability. The company also provides provides audio engineering services for music album and film title releases through AstoundStudios, GenAudio's partner high-end audio studio facility established specifically for the purpose of mixing and mastering using its AstoundSound technology. Having recently partnered with AEG Live, the live concert promotion division of Los Angelesbased leading global sports and entertainment presenter - AEG, the company plans to webcast large live concert events and expand in the music production industry. Finally, the company offers AstoundExpander, the consumer version of its technology to enhance desktop and laptop listening experience, which is distributed by Avangate, an integrated ecommerce platform, and also available at www.astoundsound.net.

Linkstorm Corporation Private   
Linkstorm Corporation, (www.linkstorm.net), founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York City, is an advertising technology company, provides new approaches to online marketing, e-commerce, publishing and social networking. The company was established to commercialize the Handle System®, a next-generation linking system developed by Dr. Robert Kahn, a co-creator of the Internet and coinventor of its underlying communication protocol, TCP/IP. Its resulting hyperlinking system enhances the performance of online display advertising by overlaying cascading menus onto various kinds of hyperlink and ad units. The company’s proprietary solutions are covered by 8 issued patents and at least 30 additional still in the pipeline.
The company offers Banner Xpander that enhances various banner ad with navigational menu overlays that display on mouse roll over, which allows users to instantly access a multitude of advertiser information from one ad unit and Linkstorm Portable Gateway, a package of topical links that can be distributed anywhere on the Web to content and marketing partners, community/social networking sites, and bloggers, including viral distribution by end users. It also offers Portable Universal Profile, a widget that can be personalized by the clients customers and fans, and can be shared via social media personalized affinity marketing, as well as e-commerce solutions for embedding product catalogs into regular display advertising, turning affiliate marketing banners into product showcases and conversion machines and enhancing navigation of ecommerce sites themselves. In addition, the company offers Video Navigator that interlinks video content by category, creator, topic, and various metadata, which enables end users to find videos they are looking for; and enterprise custom solutions for scientific publishers, libraries, and content providers.
The company’s clients, which include a variety advertisers, agencies and publishers in the U.S. and internationally, have used its products for campaigns with such renowned brand names as IBM, Sony, Cisco, Lowe’s, Xerox, American Express, Prudential, Nikon, M&M’s, Expedia, Infinity, Kodak, E-Trade, etc.

MacroSolve, Inc. OTC: MCVE   
MacroSolve, Inc., (www.macrosolve.com), founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a mobile technology applications provider in the U.S. It engages in the design, integration and delivery of custom solutions utilizing a combination of mobile handheld devices, wireless connectivity and software that streamlines business processes and operations resulting in improved efficiencies and cost savings. The company serves the mobile app development needs of a wide range of customers, from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It offers advanced mobile apps for many device platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry with functionality including 3D animation, mobile video, augmented reality, GPS and more. The company generates revenues through licensing and sales of its patented technologies, including the ReForm XT™ rapid mobile app development platform and its apps powered by ReForm XT, such as DineInsight™ for the restaurant industry, ClubInsight ™ or membership organizations and the hospitality industry, and SchoolInsight™ for educational institutions. The company’s other flagship products include SaleSentral ™, a revolutionary sales resource management platform, and Guardian™, a proactive alert system for university students’ and faculty’s safety used in tandem with campus security. In addition, the company provides solution management, product development, project management, quality assurance and support services. Leveraging its intellectual property portfolio, the company is positioned to become a leader in the mobile app space, an industry which is projected to become a $17.5 billion market by 2012, according to Chetan Sharma Consulting.

Implant Sciences Corporation, (www.implantsciences.com), founded in 1984 and headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, develops, manufactures, and sells sensors and systems for security, safety, and defense industries in the United States, China and internationally. It provides Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 Portable Explosives Detectors for the simultaneous detection of explosives particulates and vapors with or without physical contact; and Quantum Sniffer QS-B220 Benchtop Explosives and Narcotics Detectors for the detection and identification of a range of military, commercial, and improvised explosives, as well as narcotics. The company offers its products for use in aviation and transportation security, high threat facilities and infrastructure, military installations, customs and border protection, and mail and cargo screening. It markets and sells its products through direct sales and marketing staff in the United States, as well as through a network of independent and specialized sales representatives, and distributors internationally.

NeoStem, Inc. AMEX: NBS   
NeoStem, Inc., (www.neostem.com), founded in 1980 and headquartered in New York City, is an international biopharmaceutical company with operations in the U.S. and China focused on the development of proprietary cellular therapies in oncology, immunology and regenerative medicine. The company provides stem cell collection, processing and storage services in the U.S. through its network of adult stem cell and newborn cord blood cell collection centers, primarily in the Southern California and Northeast markets. Through Progenitor Cell Therapy, LLC, its wholly-owned subsidiary acquired in January 2011, the company is engaged in a wide range of services in the cell therapy market. The company effectively holds 80% interest in Athelos, Inc., a subsidiary of Progenitor Cell Therapy, which in March 2011 acquired rights and technology for a T-cell based immunomodulatory therapeutic expected to enter Phase 1 studies in autoimmune disorders in 2012 with their partner Becton, Dickinson and Company (NYSE: BDX). The company further strengthened its breadth in cellular therapies through its recent October 2011 acquisition of Amorcyte, Inc., a development stage cell therapy company focusing on novel treatments for cardiovascular disease with lead product candidate entering a Phase 2 study for acute myocardial infarction. Leveraging China’s regulatory and scientific stem cell therapy environment, the company launched several initiatives, such as establishing an R&D laboratory and processing facility in Beijing to provide comprehensive adult stem cell collection, processing and storage capabilities in support of its therapeutic programs and forming collaborations for its licensed stem cell applications in orthopedics, anti-aging, cosmetics and wellness treatments, including medical tourism opportunities. Finally, the company has controlling 51% ownership interest in Suzhou Erye Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd, a verticallyintegrated developer, manufacturer and distributor of generic antibiotic products, which it is planning to divest to focus on stemcell activities. NeoStem is the winner of The New Economy’s 2010 Biotech Award for “Best Stem Cell Company”.

Onstream Media Corporation NASDAQ: ONSM   
Onstream Media Corporation, (www.onstreammedia.com), founded in 1993 and headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a leading online service provider of live and on-demand Internet broadcasting, corporate web communications, virtual event technology and social media marketing. Onstream Media's innovative Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP) provides customers with cost effective tools for encoding, managing, indexing, and publishing content via the Internet. The DMSP provides intelligent delivery and syndication of video advertising, streaming video, mobile streaming and supports payper-view for online video and other rich media assets. The DMSP also provides an efficient workflow for transcoding and publishing user-generated content in combination with social networks and online video classifieds, utilizing Onstream Media's patent-pending Auction Video™ technology. The company's MarketPlace365™ solution enables publishers, associations, trade show promoters and entrepreneurs to rapidly and cost effectively self-deploy their own profitable, online virtual marketplaces. In addition, Onstream Media provides live and on-demand webcasting, webinars, web and audio conferencing services. To date, almost half of the Fortune 1000 companies and 78% of the Fortune 100 CEOs and CFOs have used Onstream Media's services to broadcast their announcements in sales, training, marketing, communications, Investor Relations and branding. Select Onstream Media clients, from a group of over 2,000 served globally, include: AAA, Bonnier Corporation, Dell, Disney, Georgetown University, National Press Club, PR Newswire, Shareholder.com, Sony Pictures and the U.S. Government. Onstream Media's strategic relationships include Akamai, Adobe, BT Conferencing, eBay and Qwest.

Spartan Gold Ltd. OTC: SPAG   
Spartan Gold Ltd., (www.spartangoldltd.com), headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a U.S. based junior gold exploration and mining company. The company has two properties in Nevada: the 3,600-acre Poker Flats located in the world renowned Carlin Trend comprising two non-contiguous blocks containing 97 unpatented lode mining claims and the 6,800- acre Ziggurat located in the prolific Round Mountain- Northumberland Trend with one contiguous block containing 343 unpatented lode mining claims. Both properties have National Instrument (NI) 43-101 technical reports indicating Carlin-type mineralization, which typically occurs as finely dispersed sub-micron gold and some silver. The company is conducting geological and geochemical mapping and analysis in order to better define future drill locations and exploration targets throughout the properties. In aggregate this northeast Nevada region has yielded gold production of more than 85 million ounces, worth well over $100 billion at current market prices. In addition these gold claims are in close proximity to numerous successfully producing gold mines operated by industry leaders such as: Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: ABX), Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE: NEM) and Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE: KGC). Due to the active and successful mining operations in this region, an excellent infrastructure is in place, from both the standpoints of mining and transportation. The company also has mining interests on 320 acres located in Cleburne County in the northeast region of Alabama in the historical Arbacoochee Mining District. It is also currently pursuing opportunities for several acquisition targets around the world and will continue to focus on operational plans for current projects.

Bakken Resources, Inc. OTC BB: BKKN   
Bakken Resources, Inc. (www.bakkenresourcesinc.com), founded in 2010 and headquartered in Helena, Montana, is a growth-oriented, early stage independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, exploitation and development of oil and natural gas properties in the Williston Basin, one of the world’s most prolific oil and gas areas. The company owns approximately 50% of 6,000 gross acres in McKenzie County, North Dakota, which equates to approximately 3,000 net mineral acres, subject to the completion of curative (title) work. The acreage is located approximately 12 miles south of the town Williston, North Dakota. Portions of this acreage are leased for development to Oasis Petroleum, Inc. (NYSE: OAS) with $2.8 billion market cap and Continental Resources, Inc. (NYSE: CLR) with $12.3 billion market cap. Under the landowner royalty interest leases, all development costs are borne by the contracted oil drilling company and royalty on the total revenue is paid to Bakken Resources. Oasis Petroleum and Continental Resources applied for and received permits and spacing allocations from the North Dakota Oil and Gas Board for 11 total wells under which Bakken Resources will own partial or full mineral interests. The company currently has three producing wells, including the Missoula 1-21H well placed on production in late March 2011. The company expects to create long term value via strategic acreage acquisitions and relationships with experienced industry partners. It anticipates a very significant income stream from its royalty interests accumulating over the next 2.5 years as its property is further drilled by the operators, yielding attractive EBITDA levels without any operating costs.

Sun River Energy, Inc. OTC BB: SNRV   
Sun River Energy, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, (www.sunriverenergy.com) is an oil and gas exploration and production company focused primarily on development of unconventional natural gas reserves in the U.S. Sun River’s largest land position is approximately 242,000 undeveloped gross acres it owns in the Raton Basin located in Colfax County, New Mexico. The company has conducted extensive geological and geophysical analysis of the properties and continues to analyze the area. The company’s New Mexico properties compare favorably with Shell Oil's properties in the Tucumcari Basin to the South. The first test well is scheduled for early fall 2011. In February 2011, Sun River purchased from Katy Resources ETX, LLC leasehold interest in approximately 8,500 gross acres in the East Texas Basin including three producing wells and one well awaiting completion. In addition, under a farmout agreement with Devon Energy Production Company LP, the company has the right to earn approximately 5,400 net acres in the East Texas Basin. Sun River completed the first well, under the farmout, in the Haynesville and placed it on production on March 31, 2011. Sun River also owns 1,663 acres of leasehold mineral interest in Tom Green County, Texas and working interest in two Permian Basin wells, one of which has been completed and is currently producing natural gas from the Harkey Sand geological formation.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article based on figures from Energy Information Administration, IHS CERA and Lippman Consulting, shale gas was just 1% of American natural-gas supplies in 2000, represents about 25% today and could rise to 50% within two decades. Estimates of the entire natural-gas resource base, including shale gas, are now as high as 2,500 trillion cubic feet, with a further 500 trillion cubic feet in Canada, amounting to a more than 100-year supply.

Integrated Freight Corporation OTC BB: IFCR   
Integrated Freight Corporation, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Sarasota, FL (www.integrated-freight.com), is a national motor freight company providing general commodity long-haul, regional and local services in the U.S. The company specializes in dry freight, refrigerated freight and hazardous-waste truckload services, operating primarily in well-established traffic lanes in the upper mid-West, Texas, California and the Atlantic seaboard. Formed for the purpose of acquiring and consolidating operating motor freight companies, Integrated Freight completed three acquisitions comprising a total of 217 tractors and 473 trailers and currently operates through its three wholly owned subsidiaries, Morris Transportation, Inc., Smith Systems Transportation, Inc. and Triple C Transportation, Inc. In October 2010, the Company signed a definitive agreement to purchase Wichita, KS based Bruenger Trucking Company and its subsidiary, M. Bruenger & Co., Inc., expecting to bring the company’s total annual revenue run rate to over $60 million. Founded in 1936, M. Bruenger & Co. is one of Kansas' largest refrigerated and dry freight operators with 160 tractors and 217 trailers and approximately $24 million in 2010 revenue. In addition, Integrated Freight management has identified and signed Letters of Intent with three additional acquisition targets for its platform integration business model. If the three acquisitions are completed, the company’s annualized revenue rate would be in excess of $140 million.

On November 29, 2010, the company announced it raised $960,000 from an institutional investor for 2,400,000 shares of common stock and an equal amount of warrants exercisable for five years at a price of $0.75.

NuLoch Resources Inc. TSX-V: NLR, Other OTCQX: NULCF   
NuLoch Resources Inc. (www.NuLoch.ca), founded in 2005 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, is a rapidly growing oil and gas company engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration, development and production within Canada and the United States. In mid November 2010, NuLoch was producing at a rate of approximately 1,100 boe/d. The company is focused on actively expanding and developing its strategic properties in North Dakota and Saskatchewan containing the widely recognized Bakken Shale and the Three Forks Sanish formations of the mid-continental Williston Basin. Considered one of the best oil plays in the U.S., the Bakken formation is the largest continuous oil formation ever assessed by the United States Geological Survey, estimated to hold up to 4.3 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil. Following a series of land and production acquisitions in the past two years, NuLoch currently has a total of over 66,000 producing and undeveloped net acres prospective for high-quality light and medium Bakken and Sanish oil, consisting of largely contiguous properties at Tableland in southeast Saskatchewan, and Burke and Divide Counties in North Dakota. During 2010, the company plans to drill 12 wells (8.2 net) in Tableland and 35 (3.5) wells in North Dakota, budgeting C$63.1 million in capital expenditures, of which was C$37.8 was spent in the first three quarters ending September 30, 2010. In addition, the company has oil and gas properties in Alberta, including the Enchant project with an oil discovery well, as well as the Balsam project with two oil wells in the Peace River Arch area.

Rye Patch Gold Corp. TSX-V: RPM, Other OTC: RPMGF   
Rye Patch Gold Corp. (www.ryepatchgold.com), founded in 2006 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is engaged in acquisition, exploration and development of gold and silver resource assets in Nevada, United States. The state of Nevada is the world's fourth-richest gold region accounting for 80% of domestic gold production in the U.S. and 10% globally. Starting with 150,000 inferred ounces of gold in mid-2007, the Company’s resource inventory now totals 1,182,780 ounces of gold and gold equivalent in the measured and indicated category plus 2,727,100 ounces of gold and gold equivalent in the inferred category. The Company is currently actively developing its four 100% controlled projects located along the emerging Oreana gold trend stretching north-east of Reno in west-central Nevada – Wilco, Lincoln Hill, Gold Ridge and Jessup – through initial multiple-rigs drilling programs commenced in September 2010 with a combined capital expense budget of $1.5 million. The Company also recently acquired a fifth project, Garden Gate Pass in Eureka County in central Nevada, a highly prospective property surrounded by yielding gold mines of such industry leaders as Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: ABX) and US Gold Corporation (NYSE: UXG), where the Company is planning detailed aeromagnetic and gravity geophysical surveys, as well as potential drilling activities in the spring of 2011. The Company's seasoned management with experience in large cap mineral companies has identified and is evaluating several acquisition opportunities, with the intent to add resource projects on another major Nevada trend before year end.

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (www.safeguard.com), founded in 1953 and head-quartered in Wayne, Penn-sylvania, is a holding company that builds value in growth-stage technology and life sciences businesses in the U.S. and Canada by providing capital, as well as a range of strategic, operational and management resources. The company par-ticipates in expansion and early-stage financing transactions, corporate spin-outs, management buyouts, recapitalizations and industry consolidations, typically investing between $5 million and $50 million in portfolio companies. It targets inno-vative life sciences companies in Molecular and Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Regenerative Medicine and Specialty Pharmaceuticals, and technology companies in Internet / New Media, Software as a Service, Financial Ser-vices IT and Healthcare IT. The company’s investment strategy is overseen by a strong group of distinguished board members composed of former and current principals of private and public holding, life sci-ences and technology companies, as well as equity invest-ment firms. Leveraging the benefits of a public structure to support emerging growth operations, the company can focus on growing their long-term value at an appropriate pace with-out time-to-exit pressure. Through more than fifty years of service, the company's expertise and leadership has helped accelerate growth, enable business transformation and build long-term value for its numerous partners, which have be-come market leaders in their respective sectors and have ei-ther been taken public or sold to a strategic buyer. The com-pany’s track record includes participation in the growth and success of such companies as Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL), QVC, Cambridge Technology Partners, Internet Capital Group (NASDAQ: ICGE), CompuCom Systems and Traffic.com.

Tethys Petroleum Limited TSX: TPL   
Tethys Petroleum Limited (www.tethyspetroleum.com), headquartered in Toronto, is an oil and gas exploration and production company focused on some of the world's largest oil and gas fields in Central Asia, with projects in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In Kazakhstan, the company is operating through four 100% working interest exploration and production contracts in three contiguous blocks, Kyzyloi, Akkulka and Kul-Bas, totaling over 10,500 sq. km of the North Ustyurt basin to the west of the Aral Sea adjacent to the prolific Pre-Caspian basin. In this area, the Company is currently developing two shallow gas fields and carrying out appraisal and oil exploration activities of its recent oil discovery named Doris. In Tajikistan, the com-pany negotiated the nation's first Production Sharing Contract with a term until June 2033, for the large Bokhtar area in the southwest region of the country covering an area of nearly 35,000 sq. km, including almost the entire Tajik portion of the Afghan-Tajik basin, part of the prolific unexplored Amu Darya basin. Working through its 51% owned subsidiaries, Tethys Services Tajikistan and Kulob Petroleum Limited, the company is currently involved in an extensive program of oil and gas field re-development, exploration drilling, and seismic acquisi-tion. In Uzbekistan, the company operates under a Production Enhancement Contract (PEC) with NHC Uzbekneftegaz, the state oil and gas company, within the North Urtabulak oilfield located in the Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan south east of the city of Bukhara and within the prolific Amu Darya basin. The company is planning to further expand production under the PEC through the drilling of new wells and the application of modern production enhancement techniques. Based on con-tinuing success and commitments fulfillment, the company is establishing relationships to acquire other prospective projects in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and surrounding area.

Nanostart AG Frankfurt: NNS   
Nanostart AG (www.nanostart.de), founded in 2003 and headquartered in Frankfurt, the financial capi-tal of Germany, is a leading nanotechnology investment com-pany focused on accelerating the commercialization and suc-cessful growth of emerging companies with highly promising nanotechnology-based products and processes and the poten-tial to deliver extraordinary long-term returns. Seeing nanotech-nology as a radically new approach and as the greatest trans-formation in business and society since the industrial revolution, Nanostart identifies companies whose innovations stand to solve some of the most challenging future problems facing hu-mankind. It targets industries such as cleantech and energy, life sciences, medicine and healthcare, and IT and electronics, typi-cally investing directly or through a fund structure between one and ten million Euros and providing advisory support in man-agement, commercialization and access to capital markets. Nanostart is currently invested in ten portfolio companies span-ning the globe, from the research centers of Germany all the way west to Silicon Valley and east to Singapore. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Nanostart Asia Pte Ltd, established in 2008, and a venture capital fund, the Nanostart Singapore Early Stage Venture Fund I, launched in 2009, the company is an investment partner of the Singaporean government collaborat-ing with Singapore’s National Research Foundation, a depart-ment under the Prime Minister's Office. Nanostart’s CEO, Marco Beckmann, is a member of the Final Evaluation Panel of the Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme, a govern-ment committee evaluating nanotechnology companies for gov-ernment funding. With five successful IPOs of its portfolio com-panies to date, including NASDAQ, OTCBB and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as well as two trade sales of investment hold-ings to major corporations, most recently to global pharmaceuti-cal leader Roche, Nanostart is likely the world’s most successful venture capital provider specializing in nanotechnology.

Crown Crafts, Inc. NASDAQ: CRWS   
Crown Crafts, Inc. (www.crowncrafts.com), founded in 1957 and headquartered in Gonzales, Louisiana, designs, markets and distributes infant, toddler and juvenile consumer products in the United States and internationally. The company operates through its two wholly owned subsidiaries: Hamco, Inc. in Louisiana, which acquired Neat Solutions, Inc. in 2009, and Crown Crafts In-fant Products, Inc. in California. Its product lines include crib and toddler bedding, blankets, nursery accessories, room décor, burp cloths, bathing accessories, reusable and dispos-able bibs and other infant soft goods, as well as disposable placemats, floor mats, toilet seat covers and changing mats. Sold through its in-house sales force, independent commis-sioned sales representatives and various distributors, the company’s products are available to consumers through mass merchants, chain stores, juvenile specialty stores, Internet accounts, wholesale clubs, and catalogue and direct mail houses. The company outsources virtually all of its pro-duction to domestic and foreign contract manufacturers, pri-marily in China, and markets them as branded and licensed collections, as well as exclusive private labels for certain of its customers. The company introduces new products throughout the year and participates at the annual ABC Kids Expo and the General Merchandising and Health Beauty Wellness Conferences presented by the Global Market De-velopment Center. Crown Crafts is likely America's largest producer of infant bedding, bibs and bath items!

New Times Energy Corporation Limited (www.166hk.com), headquartered in Hong Kong, is a consolidated natural resources company engaged in the acquisition, development and operation of mineral and oil & gas projects. Previously centered on trading of general consumable goods, the company is transitioning into natural resources projects strategically located in geologically favorable regions with existing production activities and abundant natural resources growth potential. Since December 2009, the company is preparing an acquisition of Fortune Ease Holdings Limited, which holds 90% equity interest in three producing gold mines, Sanjia, Banbishan and Qingheyan, located within rich gold mineralization shear zones in Qinglong Manzhu Autonomous County in Hebei Province, China. The mines have estimated gold ore resources of approximately 3.9 million tons with the amount of gold metal of about 20.8 tons and legitimate mining areas of 6.35 sq.km, which may be further expanded to 11.85 sq.km upon the completion of the proposed integration of gold mines. The company expects to complete the acquisition within the year of 2010. In May 2009, the company secured the Tartagal and Morillo oil and gas concessions in Salta Province in northern Argentina covering a total surface area of 7,065 and 3,518 sq.km, respectively, one of the largest oil exploration land parcels open for tender in Argentina. The project is located next to oil transport facilities, such as oil pipelines and refineries, and is surrounded by key production fields operated by Pan America, Chevron and others. The project's current exploration program includes both 2D and 3D seismic surveys and preparation of the work over of two existing wells, which are expected to be in production by end of 2010.

Hybrid Kinetic Group Ltd Hong Kong: 1188   
Hybrid Kinetic Group Ltd (www.hkmotors.com), headquartered in Hong Kong, is engaged in the research, devel-opment and commercialization of environment-friendly hybrid and electric automobiles. Capital-izing on the increasing global awareness of envi-ronmental protection issues and tighter carbon dioxide emissions regulations, the company is preparing a solid foundation to become the leading green vehicle manufacturer in the U.S. automobile industry and beyond. Through Hybrid Ki-netic Motors Corporation (HKMC) established in 2009, the com-pany negotiated with the Baldwin County Commission of the State of Alabama to build a state-of-the-art car manufacturing plant at a 3,000 acre property in Bay Minette, AL, assuming successful raise of $1.5 billion from foreign nationals under the rules of the already approved and commenced U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services EB-5 Capital Project, which grants immi-grant status in the U.S. for qualified investors. The plant, de-signed by Kohlbecker USA, the domestic arm of a world renown German-based architect firm with extensive auto plant design experience, is expected to start production in 2013. Earlier this year, the company also incorporated a subsidiary, HKMC Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd, to explore business prospects of investing in the environmental automobile industry in China. As the HKMC project is still in the development stage, the company plans to explore automobile related investment opportunities, including automobile power battery business, to generate positive cash flow. Currently, having discountinued operation of indoor family entertainment game centers and manufacture of automobile axles in China in 2009, the company is also engaged in the natural resources business with two mine exploration rights in Jilin, which it plans to divest in 2010, and in the environmental products business, selling bio-organic fertiliz-ers in China, which generated revenues of HK$10.39 million in 2009, versus HK$0.32 million in 2008.

Qufu Jinhuang Piston Co. (www.jhpiston.com), Ltd was founded in December 2005, the predecessor is Qufu Qingqi Piston Factory of China, with $10 million regis-tered capital. The core products are aluminum pistons for motorcycles, automobiles, general gasoline engines and ships. The hypereutectic aluminum piston the company developed has also won the worldwide recognition for the out-standing performance. The brand “Jinhuang” is well recognized as the Famous Trademark in Shandong Province. Currently, the manufacture capacity can support 20 million units every year and the product line includes four series from 30mm to 150mm of 800 different products. The pistons are used in motorcycles, cars, garden machinery and high-power diesel engines. The major customers of motorcycle are Jiangman Da-chagjiang Group, Zhejiang Qianjing Motorcycle, Qingqi Group, Jialing Motor, Jingcheng, Jianshe, Loncin, Zhongshen and Wangjiang Zuzuki; vehi-cle piston customers are Jili, Zhejiang Gonow Auto, Dongan Dongli, Shanghai Maple, Mianyang Xinchen, Shenzhen BYD; export customers in-clude United State BS, Electrolux, Germany Koh-ler, Japan Suzuki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Italy Bama, GGP, Fujitsu-ho, SUMEC, Volks-wagen, German Borg Corporation and France Peugeot.

Shanghai MediPharm Biotech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medipharm Biotech Biopharmaceutical Ltd (Bermuda) focused on becoming China’s leading oncology biopharma by providing novel, antibody-based, targeted radio immunotherapy for malig-nant cancers. Following 15 years of R&D in antibody related biopharmaceuticals, the company has a strong intellectual prop-erty portfolio, including Vivatuxin®, a chimeric tumor necrosis therapy approved by China’s State Food and Drug Administra-tion for lung cancer and launched in 2007, as well as other can-didates in radio immunotherapy. Through a strategic marketing collaboration study with the Ministry of Health of China currently covering 101 hospitals, the company has agreements to supply 20,000 doses of Vivatuxin®, priced at $3,000 each, used for the treatment of advanced lung cancer patients, who have previ-ously failed at least one course of chemotherapy, and is negoti-ating collaboration with additional 50 hospitals. Furthermore, as the first radio immunotherapy for solid tumors in the world and a potential therapy for all malignant solid tumors, Vivatuxin® is undergoing Phase III clinical study registrations for glioma and liver cancer, as well as preclinical trials for colorectal and breast cancers. Finally, the company has two exclusive licenses in radio immunotherapy technology platforms from University of Southern California Cancer Therapeutic Lab, namely Lym-1 for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which started Phase I clinical trials in 2010, and TNT fusion protein technology for solid tumors. Cur-rently, MediPharm has a staff of 53 professionals, and with 105,000 square feet GMP-approved world class manufacturing facilities, which include a 500L B. Braun bioreactor, the com-pany has the capacity to produce 100,000 drug doses per year.
Beijing WYY Biotech Engineering Co. Ltd. (www.wyygroup.com), founded in 2004 and headquartered in Beijing, is a development, manufac-turing and distribution company focused on becoming the national leader in a rapidly growing bio-organic fertilizer in-dustry in China. The company’s innovative in-house R&D organization has developed a broad portfolio of patented intellectual properties covering its bio-organic fertilizer prod-ucts and related technologies, including microorganism se-lection, purification and restoration, microbial improvement of alkaline land, water circulation control and air purification techniques, such as microbial prevention of algal bloom and elimination of foul odors from residential and solid waste, as well as other microbial management processes for various micro-ecosystems. The application of the company’s prod-ucts in planting can successfully reduce traces of pesticides in soil and crops, increase the quantity and quality of crops, improve the antibodies and disease resistance of crops, successfully control germs in the soil, restore micro-organisms in the soil, inhibit soil-borne diseases, improve the granular structure of the soil, prevent soil degeneration and hardening and increase soil fertility. As a result of its technological competitive advantages, the company has won numerous governmental awards and contracts. Sup-ported by stimulatory policies of the Chinese government, including tax incentives and financial subsidies, the organic and bio-organic segment of the fertilizer industry in China is expected to more than double by 2014.
OriginOil, Inc. OTC BB: OOIL   
OriginOil, Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Los Angeles, is a development stage company focusing on breakthrough technology to produce biofuel from algae, replacing petroleum in various applications, such as diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, plastics and solvents. The Company has developed numerous laboratory-proven, patent-pending technologies addressing typical challenges that occur in algae feeding, growth and extraction stages and improving profitability of the production process. The Company has a partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, which recently resulted in the completion of Phase 1 of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), as well as a collaboration with Desmet Ballestra, an international leader in oil and fats technologies.
Much of the world's oil and gas is made up of ancient algae deposits. Algae act as a highly efficient biological factory capable of taking carbon dioxide (CO2), a waste product, and converting it into a high-density liquid form of natural oil through photosynthesis. Algae cells can contain up to 60% oil that can be refined into liquid fuels.
The Company is in the preliminary stages of internationally commercializing its scalable algae-to-oil technology by licensing it to customers, such as fuel refiners, and chemical and oil companies. It is currently ramping up to pilot stage and is in late stage negotiations with multi-national distribution partners. The Company plans to sell its technology through this network, both as integrated technology and as branded devices, and to offer its services to help design, build and manage algae installations worldwide.

Pressure BioSciences, Inc.  NASDAQ: PBIO   
Pressure BioSciences, Inc., a technology-driven life sciences company headquartered in South Easton, Massachusetts, is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of products based on pressure cycling technology (PCT). PCT is a unique platform technology that is revolutionizing the sample preparation process in biological research and other scientific analyses. PCT uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels to control bio-molecular interactions. The Company, which began significant operations in 2005 and is a successor of Boston Biomedica, Inc. (also founded by Pressure BioSciences President & CEO Richard Schumacher) currently holds 13 U.S. and 6 foreign patents covering multiple PCT applications in the life sciences, including genomic and proteomic sample preparation, pathogen inactivation, the control of enzymatic and other chemical reactions, immunodiagnostics and protein purification. It sells and installs pressure generating instruments (“Barocyclers”) with consumable accessories and reagent kits, and additionally generates revenues from instrument service contracts and replacement parts, as well as NIH and other grants. Its PCT-based products and applications are targeted for the mass spectrometry, enzymology, biomarker discovery, soil and plant biology, histology, forensics and counter-bioterror markets. The Company has already seen early market traction; current customers include researchers at more than 75 academic laboratories, government agencies, and biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies in the U.S. and abroad, such as Amgen, Novartis, Lilly, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, NIH, FDA, FBI, USDA, Harvard, and NYU.

The American Energy Group, Ltd., (American Energy), headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, has engaged in acquisition of oil and gas properties since 1995. It owns an 18% overriding royalty interest in the Yasin Concession Block (2768-7) in Pakistan, located approximately 230 miles northeast of the port city of Karachi, and a non-producing working interest in an oil and gas lease in Galveston County, Texas. Based on geological data gathered in recent years, which suggest nearly identical structures with those of the other countries of the Arabian Peninsula, and based upon a favorable regulatory environment for foreign energy investment, a significant number of well known international oil and gas operators have moved into Pakistan.

USA Technologies, Inc.  NASDAQ: USAT   
USA Technologies, Inc., founded in 1992 and headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is a leading supplier of networked devices and associated wireless non-cash payments, including intelligent vending, as well as energy management products. Its networked products and associated services enable the owners and operators of distributed assets, such as vending machines, personal computers, copiers, faxes, kiosks, and laundry equipment the ability to offer their customers alternative cashless payment options. It also offers owners and operators remote monitoring, control and reporting on the results of these distributed assets. The Company’s energy management products reduce the power consumption of various equipment, such as refrigerated vending machines and glass front coolers. USA Technologies markets its products through direct sales, distributors, channel sales and licensing. The Company has strategic relationships with MasterCard, Coca Cola Enterprises, AT&T, First Data, Blackboard, ViVOtech, and Sony. We believe the Company, supported by 69 patents (27 patents pending), is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the anticipated dramatic growth of the networked devices sector. It currently has 35,000 ePort® intelligent vending installations in a total domestic vending market of 8 million units. The Company has an estimated 6,000 laundry installations and about 1,000 other installations (business centers and kiosks). We believe the shares, trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol USAT, offer a rare opportunity to participate in a small company that has a dominant position, aided by key strategic relationships, in a rapidly growing and potentially large market. As the anticipated rapid growth in terminal placements leads to climbing recurring revenues and as manufacturing and overhead cost reductions lead to improving margins, the Company is expected to achieve profitability in fiscal 2010.

Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (www.nymox.com), headquartered in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey and in Montreal, Canada, is a diversified biopharmaceutical research and development company with an extensive portfolio of patented technologies for proprietary therapeutic and diagnostic products targeting primarily the unmet medical needs of the aging population. In the recent months, the Company has finalized multi-center Phase II clinical studies of an advanced drug candidate for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate condition highly prevalent among elderly men. The Company is currently actively seeking strategic partnership relationships with major pharmaceutical firms. The Company currently markets proprietary diagnostic products for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a neurodegenerative affliction of at least 15 million aging people around the world, and test kits for tobacco use or exposure. Its diagnostic test called AlzheimAlert™ is the only commercially available non-invasive urine test for AD. AlzheimAlert™ is provided through doctors in the U.S. via the Company’s clinical reference laboratory in northern New Jersey, in U.K. through a partnering lab, and in a kit version in Europe. In addition, the Company has several promising patent-protected breakthrough programs to develop treatment for AD, including technology to target spherons, dense proteins believed to cause senile plaques, as well as to use statins, widely available cholesterol-lowering drugs appearing to inhibit inflammatory microglia and otherwise combat disease symptoms. Based on proprietary technology, the Company produces NicAlert™, a medical-setting urine or saliva test strip for rapid on-site non-invasive detection of tobacco use or exposure and an over-the-counter second-hand smoke nicotine test named TobacAlert™, used in non-medical settings, including population studies, second-hand smoke detection programs, corporate healthcare or athletics. Furthermore, the Company’s portfolio of several hundred worldwide patents and patent applications also includes several antibacterials, with a disinfectant against E.coli food contamination nearing final preparation stages before regulatory approval is sought and commercialization. Trading on NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol NYMX, the Company is capitalizing on its over-decade-long research, emerging as a leader in diseases of the aging population.
Samson Oil and Gas Limited (“Samson” or the “Company”) (www.samsonoilandgas.com) is an Australian oil and gas company headquartered in Denver, Colorado holding an extensive portfolio of exploration and development properties in Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Samson has been operating in the US since 2004, when it acquired Kestrel Energy, Inc. (“Kestrel”), a Colorado based public company with properties in the Green River Basin in Wyoming, which has gradually become the new frontier for oil and gas discoveries in the US. Currently the fastest growing gas province nationwide, the Green River Basin is expected to become one of the biggest gas producing regions in North America. The Company’s position in the US market was strengthened by subsequent acquisitions of various properties, including gas producing fields acquired from Stanley Energy Inc. (“Stanley”) in May 2006, which increased the Company’s acreage in the Green River Basin to 42,000 net acres.

During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2006, which included only one month of production from the recently acquired fields, the Company produced a cumulative of 16,837 barrels of oil and 0.42 bcf of gas totaling 0.52 bcfe. The fiscal year end revenues in 2006 reached approximately US$4,268,000, growing over 385% from about US$879,000 in 2005. The revenues in the most recent quarter ended September 30, 2006 were approximately US$1,855,000. Having significantly strengthened its proved reserve base to 23.2 bcfe as of September 30, 2006, the Company continues to expand its production, which for the fiscal 2007 year is expected to grow to around 2.1 bcfe. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the symbol SSN, the Company has a valuable inventory of assets, both currently producing and with proved undeveloped resources, positioning it to become a significant player in the robust Rocky Mountain region of the US gas and oil industry.
Continental Energy Corporation (www.continentalenergy.com) (Continental or the “Company”) is a Dallas, Texas based independent oil and gas exploration company focused on large commercial discoveries in Indonesia. Its current prospect inventory is in the prolific Bengara-II Block, which is known for still unexploited oil and gas reserves. The Company recently signed an agreement with CNPCHK (Indonesia) Limited (CNPC) to develop Bengara-II Block. CNPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong listed China National Petroleum Company (Hong Kong) Limited. Continental is a Canadian issuer listed on the OTC Bulletin Board and is trading under the symbol CPPXF.

Much of Continental’s current focus is the exploration and development of its interests in the Bengara-II Block. CNPC together with its partners Continental and Resources Company (GeoPetro) has exclusive petroleum exploration and production rights to this nine hundred thousand-acre block, located in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The East Kalimantan region (together with Aceh, Irian Jaya, Java and Sumatra) is one of the primary oil rich areas in Indonesia and currently has several oil producing basins. Its main basins include the Tarakan Basin and the Kutei Basin. The Bengara-II is located in the Tarakan Basin.

The main oil companies in East Kalimantan include Exxon/Mobil (NYSE: XOM), Total-Fina-Elf partnership, China National Offshore Oil Corp. (HK/NYSE: CNOOC), Arco (a subsidiary of British Petroleum – LSE: BP). Arco’s main focus is in smaller fields and Unocal (a Chevron company – NYSE: CVX). Unocal’s West Seno field, offshore from East Kalimantan, currently produces 14,000 bpd oil and 18 million cubic feet (MMcf) per day gas. This field is expected to produce 60,000 barrels per day of oil and 150 million cubic feet of gas per day on completion of the second phase. The region is widely believed to be highly prolific with enough reserves to host an economic oil and gas operation.

Continental can be viewed as an investment opportunity that provides speculative exposure to the oil and gas sector in Indonesia. As much of its main fields mature, future Indonesian oil output is expected to come from smaller oil fields. Economics of smaller fields generally suit smaller companies with lean cost structures, as they can remain profitable even with a relatively lower production. Continental represents the new generation of oil and gas companies in Indonesia.

Despite the relatively volatile and risky political environment as well as generally mature oil fields, Indonesia continues to attract investments from foreign companies to develop its oil resources. High oil prices (which make exploration and development worthwhile) and its proximity to fast growing Chinese and Indian economies are viewed as the main reasons behind the continued interest. The industry further benefits from its ongoing reforms instigated by the Indonesian government. Continental benefits from these reforms with favorable contract terms as well as the assurance of minimum state interference.

The recent agreement with CNPC further reduces the risk profile of Continental. CNPC is expected to develop the Bengara-II Block following an agreement with the Company and has acquired 70% of the Bengara-II project.
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc., headquartered in New York City and with main R&D operations in Israel, is a development stage biotechnology company focused on developing innovative autologous adult stem cell therapies for highly debilitating incurable neurodegenerative disorders (NDDs), such as Parkinson’s disease (PD), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), sometimes called Lou Gehrig's disease, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), among others. Since October 2004, the Company operates primarily through BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary with 6,500 square feet of office and laboratory space in Israel. The Company’s patent-pending NurOwn™ technology is licensed from Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd, the technology transfer company of Tel Aviv University and enables in-vitro differentiation of bone marrow stromal stem cells into neural-like cells. NurOwn™ is based on discoveries made at the Felsenstein Medical Research Center of Tel Aviv University by a team of two world-renown scientists, a prominent neurologist Prof. Eldad Melamed, Head of Neurology at Rabin Medical Center and key advisor to Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Dr. Daniel Offen, an expert cell biologist. Using NurOwn™, the Company developed three approaches to generate functional neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes for NDD transplantation treatments. The Company is currently sponsoring pre-clinical animal trials confirming the safety and efficacy of first two of its treatment approaches. Trading on the Over-the Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol BCLI, the Company is positioned to become a leader in adult stem cell transplantation for neurodegenerative diseases.

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